Dinámica, monitorización y calibración de la vegetación mediterranea en respuesta al calentamiento global en series temporales largas. DINAMO 3

Dynamic, Monitoring and Calibration of Mediterranean vegetation in response to Global Warming using long-term records.

Plan Estatal de I+D+I. CGL2015-69160-R
Research Manager: Penélope González-Sampériz

DINAMO3 is the final stage of an innovative proposal pursuing to obtain precise chronological and spatial data that, for the first time in Iberia, can be included in regional climate modelling databases as PMIP3 and to be adjusted at the local and regional scales required by the CMIP5 model sets. This will improve the inaccuracies on climate and global change simulations. Aiming to achieve these objectives, this proposal combines disciplines and methodologies from different spatio-temporal scales, so, the palaeocological data can be narrowly interpreted reducing uncertainty in modelling. Monitoring and calibrating the pollen-vegetation relationships are the basis of the methodological approach held by DINAMO3 using modern pollen rain from different sediments and materials. Our objective would be then to quantify and improve the method of modern analogues and biomization from pollen dispersal data in the very complex mosaic of the Mediterranean vegetation. The spatial modelling presented in this proposal will allow a diachronic representation of the vegetation change over the millennia, especially after environmental impacts such as increasing temperature, using long-term palaeocological records of extraordinary chronological quality.

DINAMO3 chronologically focuses on analogue to current day climatic periods namely the onsets of the MIS5e and the Holocene. We aim to compare these periods and the implication on the rainfall pattern and distributions over the year. This proposal would then fill a knowledge gap on the complexity of the climate variability and its impacts on the vegetation, water availability, fauna and natural resources in general. This necessarily links with the use of the territory made by human societies and their ability to adapt, their resilience and vulnerability to such changes.

In conclusion DINAMO3 would offer the pillars of an essential holistic knowledge at different temporal scales that, surprisingly, we still do not manage adequately and that, however, is a challenge for the current society which is facing a very complex future environmental situation (Global and Climate Change).