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My principal research line has been aimed at analyzing wind circulations from local (sea breezes) to synoptic-scales (regional wind speed trends) and their socioeconomic and environmental implications for (i) air quality applications, (ii) weather forecasting of sea breeze-initiated thunderstorms, and particularly for (iii) evaporation, water resources and droughts. While most climate change and variability research has traditionally focused on air temperature and precipitation, only over the last 20-years have wind speed been researched.


My current research line is devoted to study the unexpected widespread decline in wind speed (termed “global stilling”) reported across much of the globe and its implications for hydro-climatic processes. The precise cause of the “global stilling” is currently unresolved and has been hypothetically attributed to several factors such as an increasing of surface roughness and a weakening of atmospheric circulation. The innovative research line is aimed at reducing the constraint of wind data availability (i.e., starting in the 1960s; ~50-years), and improving our knowledge on the causes controlling the “global stilling” in a climate change scenario. To achieve this, my future research seeks to rescue the longest and highest quality wind speed series across the globe and create the first worldwide long-term homogenised wind speed dataset, providing a unique opportunity to examine wind speed trends and cycles on hemispheric scales and longer time periods (i.e., starting in the 1880s; ~130-years) than previous studies. This outstanding challenge is of great scientific, socioeconomic, and environmental interest because the interdisciplinary nature of the research topic based on the implications of a hypothetical future weakening of wind speed in many fields, but especially in wind energy, agriculture and environmental hydrology to advance climate change adaptation for e.g. European policy-makers.


Activity key words: Climatology; Climate Change and Variability; Sea breezes; Sea breeze-initiated thunderstorms; Wind Speed Trends; Implications for Environmental Hydrology





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Current Projects



Two of the R&D&I projects that I have been involved lately:


  • Impactos hidrológicos del calentamiento global en España (HIDROCAES). Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. CGL2011-27574-C02-02. 2012-2014. PI: Dr. Sergio-M. Vicente-Serrano (IPE-CSIC).

  • Hidrología nival en el Pirineo Central español: variabilidad espacial, importancia hidrológica y su respuesta a la variabilidad y cambio climático (HIDRONIEVE). Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. CGL2011-27536. 2012-2014. PI: Dr. Juan-I. López-Moreno (IPE-CSIC).