Comín Sebastián, Francisco A.

Comín Sebastián, Francisco A.




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Most of my work was carried out in the floodplains of the Ebro River (Middle and delta Ebro), and agricultural watersheds (with both dry and irrigated agriculture, in Monegros, Cinco Villas, and Rivers Martin and Piedra). At this time, I am applying the assessment of ecosystem services to plan restoration at large scale. This requires the analysis of spatial and temporal patterns of regulating and support ecological functions and services, as well as the integration of cultural-and provisioning services.


My research activity focus on developing practical tools for the restoration of degraded ecosystems and territories through the integration of ecological, social and economic aspects. It is based on the experience obtained from studies and projects performed to improve the biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services at watershed scale, which can be applied to any piece of a territory, and the restoration of wetlands, rivers and watersheds.

≈  Applications derived from my research activities include:


    • ≈ the restoration of natural ecosystems (wetlands and rivers)

    • ≈ designing wastewater treatment plants based on macrophytes

    • ≈ applying the assessment of ecosystem services to plan rural development

    • ≈ developing strategies for the ecological restoration at global scale.











  •  SCI publications


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  • No SCI:

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  • Análisis multi-escalar de los servicios de los ecosistemas bajo escenarios de uso del suelo para el desarrollo socio-ecológico en zonas rurales. CGL2014-53017-C2-1-R.  (2016-2018). Investigador Principal. Juan J. Jiménez. Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Plan Nacional), Programa: Retos de la Sociedad.

  • Desarrollo de una plataforma de gestión de recursos hídricos durante estiaje en el territorio SUDOE (AGUAMOD). Investigador principal: Jose M. Sánchez-Pérez/Enrique Navarro. Interreg-SUDOE (SOE1/P5/F0026).