García González, María Begoña

García González, María Begoña




 ►Tenured Scientist



I work in the dynamics and conservation of mountain plant diversity: population dynamics, plant-animal interactions, and life history evolution.

At the species and population level, I often use an integrative approach (the whole life cycle and matrix models) at large spatial and temporal scales, to explore plant adaptations, understand plant performance under present conditions, and project viability in future scenarios. Different fitness components (germination, growth, survival, fecundity…) are assembled to show their weighted importance and to get overall comparative parameters.

I am also interested in testing the extent to what species at the limit of distribution show distinctive ecological or demographic traits compared to central populations, particularly for the Pyrenean flora.

My highest effort at present is invested in the coordination of a monitoring network for plant population trends and habitat changes in the Aragon region, which involves almost two hundred volunteers and rangers. An important part of such network is developed under a LIFE+ European project. Annual population censuses, abundances, or individual monitoring is being done for more than 150 plant species and 250 populations across NE Spain.








Pablo Tejero- Technician. Monitoring plant populations and communities
≈ Jose Luis Silva-
Technician. Monitoring plant populations and communities
≈ Sergio Albacete-
TFG Univ Barcelona
≈ Lidia del Arco-
TFG Univ Barcelona
≈ Francisco Martín-
TFG Univ Barcelona
≈ Rebeca Solé-
TFM Univ Barcelona
≈ Maria Jarne- Technician. Biotic interactions in endangered plant species
Manuel Pizarro- Technician. Biodiversity of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park


Past students, technicians & visitors: Javier Rodríguez (2003), Jesús Villellas (2006-2013), Stefania Pisanu (2006 / 2009), Angela Taboada (2007), Ariadna Pérez (2008), Iker Pardo (2009-2016), Emanuelle Farris (2009), María del Prado Romera (2009), Alicia Valdés (2009), Marc Talavera (2010), Mónica García (2011), Juan Luis Hidalgo (2011), Samuel Pironon (2011-2015), María P Pata (2012-2014), María Leo Montes (2013 / 2014), Guillaume Papuga (2014), Philip Hemborough (2015), Darío Domingo (2015), Mercedes Vidal (2016), Raul Domínguez (2016), Sissel M Pedersen (2016), Annika Schu (2016-2017), Sophie Leforestier (2016-2017)

Active collaborators at other Institutions.-    J Arroyo, J Bascompte, I Buckley, DF Doak, J. Dahlgren, J Ehrlén, A. Escudero, JM Iriondo, P Jordano, S Lavergne, A Mejías, E Ortega Casamayor, WF Morris, S Munné-Bosch, JM Olesen, C Roquet, J Villellas





Publications since 2010


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