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Graciela is a Quaternary scientist with a special interest on long-term ecology. She has been mainly working on African drylands and sensitive areas to global change; namely the Namib Desert, the Cape region, the Lower Omo region (Ethiopia) and Southern Iberia. The core of her research is focused on vegetation response to environmental change, including natural and anthropogenic activities (fire and agriculture). Graciela uses a variety of sediments ranging from biogenic accumulations (hyrax middens), paleo-lake, lacustrine and peat deposits as well as different proxies, primarily pollen and charcoal and other tools as GIS and remote sensing.



She is currently exploring four key research topics:


  • Vegetation response to past abrupt climate change in North-East Iberia (DINAMO project

  • Quaternary fire dynamics in the western Mediterranean (DINAMO and IBERVELD projects) Long-term human-environmental dynamics (Lower Omo project)

  • Present vegetation-pollen calibration for spatial reconstruction of past landscapes (HYAENA and CALIB projects)




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  • PYROS: long-term fire ecology: the central Pyrenees vs the Mediterranean Basin (September 2015-July 2016) funded by BBVA Foundation (31k €) | PI: Graciela Gil-Romera

  • ARAFIRE: climate change and fire in the Pyrenees of Aragon: ecosystem response to disturbance during the last 2000 years (September 2012-September 2013) funded by DGA-La Caixa (24K €). | PI: Graciela Gil-Romera

  • DINAMO and DINAMO2: Mediterranean vegetation DYNAMic in northeastern Iberia during the last 135,000 years: structure, chronology and vegetation response to different driving factors (Two joined projects from Jan 2010 to September 2015) funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain | PI: Penélope González Sampériz

  • PALEOLETRINA: the pioneer use of biogenic fossil accumulations as a proxy of environmental change in the Iberian peninsula (September 2010-August 2012) funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain (10k €) | PI: Graciela Gil-Romera