Montserrat Martí, Gabriel

Montserrat Martí, Gabriel 

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My research activity focus on the study of the ecological strategies of plants in Mediterranean landscapes by using the “functional analysis of plant pheno-morphological patterns”, an approach we are developing in our group. This methodology is based on the study of the developmental cycles of perennial plant species from the perspective of the growth of each plant structure in relation with the season it is produced and its interaction with the growth of other structures. We are currently applying this approach to assess the relationships between primary and secondary growth in several Mediterranean woody species, to understand seed masting cycles in Quercus, and to decipher the ecological strategies of chamaephytes and the adaptations of plant species to gypsum.


Research Interest


- Phenology, pheno-morphology and development of Mediterranean plants.
- Plant functional strategies in relation to erosive processes.
- Plant adaptations to climate
- Plants living in gypsum soils





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  •  Los caracteres funcionales como herramienta para la conservación de las comunidades vegetales y la predicción de sus cambios: Aplicación a un gradiente altitudinal hotspot de biodiversidad mediterránea (FUNVEG)
    Plan Nacional. CGL2010-16880 BOS
    IP: Teresa Navarro del Águila

  • Caracterización funcional de especies leñosas en relación con sus atributos de xilema e implicaciones para las respuestas de la xilogénesis al calentamiento climático (XILVA)
    Plan Nacional. CGL2011-26654
    IP: Jesús Julio Camarero